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Allied Health

Under Medicare's Allied Health program patients may be eligible for up to 5 bulk-billed visits in a calendar year.


To be eligible for the Allied Health program a doctor's referral is required, and the nature of the condition for which the Allied Health visit(s) are for must be chronic.


For the Allied Health visits, patients must bring the doctor's referral and their Medicare card. We will bulk bill Medicare directly, all you need to do for each visit is bring and show your Medicare card and sign the Allied Health form.

Private Health 

Chiropractic and remedial massage can be covered by private health insurance. At the clinic we have (for chiropractic only) electronic funds claiming available, meaning that at the time of consultation we can send the claim to the health fund (if they are online) and patients are only out of pocket the gap amount.


For remedial massage, the masseur, Mr Mark Ladd provides patients with a receipt for them to send off to their private health fund to claim a rebate.


At Endeavour Hills Chiropractic Clinic patients with a TAC, claim number may be eligible to have their visits covered in full by TAC.


Prior approval from TAC and the patients claim number is required. Once approval has been given, all of the patient's visits are billed to and paid by TAC.


Both chiropractic treatment and remedial massage can be covered in full by WorkCare, meaning that the patient is not out of pocket any money.


For chiropractic treatments to be covered in full by WorkCare we require a claim number, prior approval and the date of injury.


Alternatively, for remedial massage, Mark requires a doctor's referral and claim number. The referrals from a doctor are usually for up to 10 visits and patients may need to obtain multiple referrals for treatment to be covered by WorkCare.


Patients with a gold card may be eligible for bulk-billed chiropractic treatment. A doctor's referral with patient details including gold card & file number as well as the referring doctor's details is required.


Once we have received the referral all of the patient's visits are then bulk-billed to the DVA. After each visit, the patient must sign the DVA form.

Types of special services are all available at the Endeavour Hills Chiropractic Clinic for chiropractic and remedial massage.

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At Endeavour Hills Chiropractic, our practitioners have been providing high quality care to our patients for over 25 years. We assist in the treatment of many health conditions and help our patients achieve optimal well-being.

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